What is Cane Loyalty? Simply put - if you are loyal to your cane and take good care of it, your cane will be loyal to you when you need it the most!

Cane-Fu is part of the American Cane System founded by Grand Master Mark Shuey, Sr..  Created to give an advantage to those who carry a cane, either due to age or disability, Cane-Fu  teaches the use of the cane both for self-defense, and self improvement. Incorporating stretching, strength training and balance training; carrying a cane is no longer a symbol of weakness; its is a source of confidence and strength.  

The Meaning Behind the Patch

  • The shape represents my old outfit: The 2nd Battalion 4th Marines "The Magnificent Bastards"
  • The Scarlet (Red) and Gold  are Marine Colors
  • The Blue represents not only the waters we have crossed and fought in but being true blue to our country
  • The Purple represents the Purple Heart
  • The Red letters represents the blood that has been shed
  • Yin & Yang represents the balance in life
  • The Umbrella represents the Lord protecting us and, to help him, the umbrella becomes a protection device
  • As we get older the canes represent our badge of courage NOT weakness. It gives us support and strength and becomes a formidable protection device when needed

Tom Ashmore is a certified Cane-Fu Instructor