Tom is a certified Cane-Fu instructor

Have Cane - Will Travel!

Tom Ashmore

I started my Martial Arts training at the age of 14 with Judo. I continued until I entered the United States Marines at the age of 17. I excelled in hand to hand combat training and was asked to help train my fellow Marines in Hand to Hand and Bayonet Fighting,

While serving my country, I was stationed in Japan where I had the opportunity to study under several great Masters. I then deployed to Vietnam, where I experienced real life hand-to-hand combat for survival. I received 3 Purple Hearts while serving my country in Vietnam.

Following my service in Vietnam, I was in the Philippines and studied Arnes, the Philippine Martial Art of Stick, Knife and Open Hand fighting.

At the conclusion of my military career, I became a Police Officer and attended many Defensive Tactics Training classes. Believing there was something missing in the training classes I attended, I started my own training business in the late 60s to educate others using real-life scenarios. Since then I have trained hundreds of Police Officers in Knife defense, unusual weapons defense, and basic street survival.