Our courses cover Stretching, Strength Building, Balance and Self-Defense with your walking cane. The course has been developed to include working with various types of mobility issues including people in wheel chairs. Many of the moves and strength building routines can be preformed standing, sitting or even laying down.

If you answered YES to any of the above perhaps you should consider attending a class with Cane Loyalty!

Cane-Fu is part of the American Cane System founded by Grand Master Mark Shuey, Sr..  Created to give an advantage to those who carry a cane, either due to age or disability, Cane-Fu  teaches the use of the cane both for self-defense, and self improvement. Incorporating stretching, strength training and balance training; carrying a cane is no longer a symbol of weakness; its is a source of confidence and strength.  

What is Cane Loyalty? Simply put - if you are loyal to your cane and take good care of it, your cane will be loyal to you when you need it the most!

Get Stronger - Live Longer!

  • Do you think the use of a walking cane is reserved for the elderly or only people with mobility issues?

  • Do you believe in planning ahead?

  • Have you ever been out someplace and felt vulnerable or scared?

  • Do you like to keep in shape, stay flexible, enhance your balance and feel safe?