Wounded Warriors, Disabled Veterans. Injured Police Offices, Firefighters and EMS Personnel.

Many of the Cane-Fu exercises are designed to be performed standing or sitting and are ideally suited to those with limited mobility. With a little practice, anyone can master these skills to give themselves an edge on the streets. Several simple devices are available to allow you to attach your cane to your mobility device so you always have your partner with you!

We specialize in serving those who have served us. Ask about our specialized programs.

For those with disabilities; life presents a host of challenges. Whether learning to manage daily activities from the beginning, or overcoming an injury earned later in life, many people struggle to overcome not only the physical impairment, but the mental challenges as well.  The Cane can become a symbol of strength and a feeling of security. Knowing you can stand up for yourself, protect yourself, defend yourself - helps you feel just a little more independent and helps give you the courage to get out there and take on the world!